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I get a lot of questions from both new and experienced sellers. Don't let anyone tell you that selling anything on your own website is inexpensive, sure renting a website for ten dollars a month won't break the bank, but in order for you to actually make a decent amount of sales, you will need to spend hundreds of hours marketing it, and thousands of hours creating it. All the hours you will have to devote to selling online could have been spent at a regular day job making actual cash in your pocket.
In June, he raised his price on Amazon by $4 and included this note in his description: We have increased our price on Amazon to cover fees, lost inventory, eBay Amazon Accounts abusive returns and fake eBay sellers.” Then he launched the Ripple Rug 2, a redesigned version of the original, which won't be available on Amazon.
When I make the purchase, the person behind AFarAwayGalaxy simply goes to Amazon and buys a Ripple Rug - but instead of buying it for themselves, they designate it as a gift and have it shipped to me. Because I paid $9.52 above the Amazon price, that's profit, which AFarAwayGalaxy can keep (minus Paypal and eBay fees).

It's currently accounting for 68 percent of all retail sales, working out to nearly $176 billion, versus 32 percent for Amazon's direct sales, and eMarketer projects that by the end of this year, Marketplace's share will be more than double that of Amazon's own sales (it's already about double).
While this seems like an all-around negative, if you're a seller that has your own brand, Amazon has developed a brand registry and other protections to help you as a brand owner to sell more successfully on the platform without having to compete with people who obtain your products through liquidators or unethical means, or who attempt to counterfeit your products.

While eBay is a distant second to Amazon in the business of electronic commerce, its online marketplace rings up a significant amount of transactions, with roughly 1.5 million products shipped by eBay sellers in the US everyday, according to the company.
On those alone, I've done more than six figures of gross sales over the course of a year.” Now she regularly invests $10,000 in new inventory, has it shipped to her home so she can inspect it for quality and then sends it off to Amazon's warehouses - where it's sold just like the Ripple Rug.

The difference between personal and commercial accounts is that if you want to sell in ebay European stations such as Germany, the seller account must be a business account, if the registered business account can be applied through the green channel provided by eBay.
Amazon - you want to run a professional e-commerce business and reach a massive audience, are looking for a platform that offers lots of services to make business easier, and don't mind adjusting to a strong (and sometimes unfairly biased) buyer-centric approach to business.
Third-party software providers have addressed this issue to some degree, such as , which automates tracking costs by SKU and allows sellers to add in overhead, shipping, and other related product costs to generate net profits by product as well as an overall profit and loss statement.

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